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KMC XD Series Wheels Heist XD818 Satin Black Milled Rims

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Size Finish Offset Bolt Pattern Price
16x8.0 Black & Machined 10 6x114.3 $178.00
16x8.0 Black & Machined 10 6x139.7 $178.00
17x8.0 Black & Machined 35 5x110 $217.00
17x8.0 Black & Machined 35 5x127 $217.00
17x8.0 Black & Machined 35 5x120 $217.00
17x8.0 Black & Machined 35 6x114.3 $203.00
17x9.0 Black & Machined 30 5x127 $217.00
17x9.0 Black & Machined 30 6x135 $217.00
17x9.0 Black & Machined 30 6x139.7 $217.00
18x8.0 Black & Machined 35 5x127 $227.00
18x8.0 Black & Machined 35 6x114.3 $251.00
18x9.0 Black & Machined 18 5x127 $240.00
18x9.0 Black & Machined 18 6x135 $240.00
18x9.0 Black & Machined 30 6x135 $240.00
18x9.0 Black & Machined 18 6x139.7 $240.00
18x9.0 Black & Machined 30 6x139.7 $240.00
18x9.0 Black & Machined 18 6x120 $240.00
20x10.0 Black & Machined -24 5x127 $284.00
20x10.0 Black & Machined -24 5x150 $284.00
20x10.0 Black & Machined -24 6x135 $284.00
20x10.0 Black & Machined -24 6x139.7 $284.00
20x12.0 Black & Machined -44 5x127 $333.00
20x12.0 Black & Machined -44 6x139.7 $333.00
20x12.0 Black & Machined -44 8X165.1 $333.00
20x12.0 Black & Machined -44 8X170 $333.00
20x9.0 Black & Machined 30 5x150 $272.00
20x9.0 Black & Machined 18 6x135 $272.00
20x9.0 Black & Machined 30 6x135 $272.00
20x9.0 Black & Machined 30 6x114.3 $276.00
20x9.0 Black & Machined 18 6x139.7 $272.00
20x9.0 Black & Machined 30 6x139.7 $272.00
20x9.0 Black & Machined 18 6x120 $272.00
22x9.5 Black & Machined 15 5x139.7 $459.00
22x9.5 Black & Machined 15 6x139.7 $371.00
22x9.5 Black & Machined 15 6x120 $371.00
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18 inch KMC XD Series Wheels Heist XD818 Satin Black Milled Rims 5x127


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