20 Inch 20x10.5 Verde Rims V25 Gunmetal Wheels for sale Fits Infiniti Q50 FINACING AVIL

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***Starting Price $1,750. This price includes a full set of brand new never used 20 Inch 20x10.5 Verde Quantum V25 Gunmetal BP: 5x114.3 . Your car needs new tires. You want the best for you car, so why not buy a set of new wheels and tires from dubsandtires.com. We offer many auto services that will fulfill your truck, car, suv, or jeep needs. Lexani LX-Twenty Blackwall All Season Tires size 255/35ZR20 ***

Size :20x10.5
BP Bullet Point: 5x114.3
Offset: Custom
Color Finish such as: Gunmetal Machined Wheels
Tire Brand: Lexanini LX-Twenty Blackwall All season Tires
Tire size: 255/35ZR20

The V25 – Quantum features a 10-spoke design displaying an ultramodern directional spoke configuration, fused together with a deeply machined undercut lip. Most notably, V25 – Quantum spokes are designed for severe concavity.


RIMS AND TIRES                                    •Wheel Repair
3d Alignments                                       •3M Vinyl AND PPF
Truck Lifts                                              • Coilover
Brakes and Rotors                                •Window Tinting

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Exclusive eye-catching design to complement your vehicle
Lightweight yet durable construction for unmatched performance
Wear-resistant rustproof finish for a long-lasting brand-new look
Advanced multi-spoke design for improved brake cooling 

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A new wheel from the dealer is very expensive! Still, it doesn't mean you can drive around with a damaged rim since a bent or dented wheel may not enable the tire to track properly, upsetting vehicle handling and compromising your safety. Order and upgrade from the standard wheels you see on the road. Your vehcicle gets you everywhere, you should show it some apprircation by giving it some new sexy wheels 

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Call us DUBSandTIRES 954-925-1995
7685 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

✔️100% Financing available✔️