20 Inch 20x9 wheels Ravetti M7 Silver rims BP: 5x114.3 Tires 245/35ZR20 2013 Honda Accord Financing Avil

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Size :20x9
BP Bullet Point: 5x114.3
Offset: 38
Color Finish such as: Brushed Silver Wheel

Tire size: 245/35ZR20

Tire Brand: Lexani LX- Twenty Blackwall 

Vehicle: 2013 Honda Accord

***Starting Price $2,190. This price includes a full set of brand new never used 20 Inch 20x9 Ravetti M7 Silver Wheels BP: 5x114.3. Tire size 245/35ZR20 Lexani LX- Twenty Blackwall All Season Tires. Rims and Tires Package Ravetti M7. Buy this wheel set to expand your vehicle style and lifestyle to better handle the road. Your car needs wheels and tires, so show some love and get these rims for sale. ***


RIMS AND TIRES •Wheel Repair
3d Alignments •3M Vinyl AND PPF
Truck Lifts • Coilover
Brakes and Rotors •Window Tinting

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One Piece Cast Aluminum Wheels
Cutting Edge Design
Available In Custom Color Combinations
Koko Kuture Bezel System For Instant Customizing Available

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M7 Silver Wheels by RAVETTI®. This RAVETTI wheel is a piece of automotive art created to take your driving experience to the whole new level. It combines a unique and stylish design, great structural rigidity and durability, and a lightweight construction to provide superior performance and look without sacrificing your comfort and fuel consumption.

A one-of-a-kind design, superior performance and unmatched durability are just few of the features that RAVETTI wheels bring to the table. They can complement just about any vehicle no matter whether it is a luxury coupe or a compact family sedan. Virtually every wheel design is available in several finishes, including gloss black, brushed silver, chrome and candy apple, as well as come in a variety of sizes, offsets and bolt patterns to fit different vehicles. This allows automotive enthusiasts to customize their vehicles with the wheels that best suit their tastes and needs.

Exclusive eye-catching design to complement your vehicle
Lightweight yet durable construction for unmatched performance
Wear-resistant rustproof finish for a long-lasting brand-new look
Advanced multi-spoke design for improved brake cooling


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